About Us

“Praja Mantalu”  Telangana National Daily, Officially started on 12th March, 2020.

Mantalu, the fire, Light, emotional, philosophical nature, to clean the environment and give life to all human beings. It was started on 24th June, 1981, as Fortnightly, as V. Narsingam published and Ch.V.Prabhakar Rao as Editor. Latter, it turned into Weekly, published till 1995. It never tired in focusing light on public issues, without any political lenience.

Again it started with new name, as  Praja Mantalu,  and enthusiasm and spirit to give the same better value based, unbiased Journalism. Telangana National Daily, by the spirit of Telangana people`s movement, which curved the new state of Telangana.

Praja Mantalu is the flatformfor all walks of people to voice their woes and voice. At the same time, we never forget the cultural aspect of the people of this land.

Publisher: V. Narsingam
Team of spirit: Siricilla Rajendhar Sharma, Sanganabhatla, and others. All are well-experienced Journalists.
Backed By Komaravelli Kishan,  Sama Satyanarayana, as  Business Advisers.


  • B.S. Ramulu (Social Phylosopher, Ex Chairman, Telangana state BC Commission).
  • Rapolu Anandha Baskar (Former Rajya Sabha Member. Senior Journalist).
  • Ayachitam Sridhar (Chairman, State Granthalaya Parishath. Senior Journalist).